Clinics We Offer

Nursing Team-The nursing team at The High Street Practice has a wide range of specialist expertise in Asthma, Diabetes, Respiratory Disease, Hypertension, Sexual Health, Child Health, Family Planning, Well Man, Well Woman, Diet and Life Style Advice and Travel Health and Immunisations.

Chronic Disease Management - Regular monitoring for patients with Chronic Disease conditions are undertaken by the GPs and Nurses. If you are unsure whether to see a Nurse or Doctor please ask at reception and we can advise you.

Children’s Immunisation Clinics -Our children immunisation clinics are run on various days of the week by one of our Practice Nurses.  Please book an appointment at reception. Your Health Visitor will be able to give full details of the immunisation programme for under 5’s and older children.

NHS Health Check (for those aged 40 to 74) -These clinics are run by our practice nurse and the appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. You must have your bloods taken prior to the appointment. Please enquire at reception

Cryotherapy - If you would like to access this service please consult your doctor. Donna runs a monthly wart treatment clinic using Liquid Nitrogen to freeze-treat warts and Verrucas.

Dietician -We have an in house dietician who works for our network and is available to speak to over the phone. Speak to your your GP in the first instance if you would like to avail of this service

First Contact Physiotherapist - we have a first contact physiotherpist who can help musculoskeletal problems. This is over the telephone at first. 

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